Stockton-Con Wrap up

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So, it’s the Monday after Stockton-Con and to fight the post con blues I’m going to go over the highlights of the weekend. Even though sales weren’t exactly what we expected, there were a ton of positives about the show.

  1. The con itself. This show gets MAJOR foot traffic. Lots of people to talk to, cosplayers galore…it’s a building full of energy. The show is very well organized and staffed. And the volunteers! Constantly bringing water, offering to watch the booth if you need a break. I’ve never experienced that at a con before and it was a real pleasure. It also runs like a big show with panels and guests (especially if you’re into wrestling), signings and photo ops. But it doesn’t price gouge like the bigger shows (*cough wizard world cough*). We’ve been as attendees before and can tell you from experience that it’s a fun show to attend.
  2. Jon Williams. No, not that one. This one: Jon is a good friend of GhostThunder and he shared our space doing sketches, selling prints and generally increasing the awesomeness of the weekend. Keep an eye on him, that kid is going places!
  3. Old and new friends. Cons are always great places to meet fellow creators and catch up with others that you’ve known for years. People like Ramon Villalobos, Eben Burgoon, Felicia Ann, Yosiell Lorenzo and new friends like Matt Harding and Jay Fabares make cons a much more enjoyable event for us.
  4. Wrasslin! As you can probably tell from the items in our store or if you follow us on instagram or Twitter, wrestling is a pretty big deal to us. And this show had some of our favorites of all time as guests. The Wolfpack! Honky Tonk Man! Too sweet!
  5. Tacos! So, here at GhostThunder we’re pretty big on traditions. One of which (and my personal favorite) is that as the day is winding down during a con, Christopher starts researching where our post con meal is going to be. We really don’t eat while we work our booth, we’re focused on talking to as many people as possible and hopefully selling a couple of things. So by the end of the day, we’re all pretty starving. And Christopher takes his job VERY seriously. It’s not just what is close, he’s doing some real internet forensics, digging deep into the comments, finding the truth! It’s as close to a superpower as I’ve ever seen in real life. And last night he rolled a natural 20, leaped over all the tall buildings and hit one out of the park (so many metaphors!). He led us to a place called Tacos Chapala and it truly ended the con on a high note. Perfect selection of salsas, delicious meats with excellently prepared beans and rice. I can’t stop thinking about the food! Makes me want to go back to Stockton today. A great meal let’s you forget if you had a bad day or celebrate if it was good one. That’s how we do it at GhostThunder!

So that’s Stockton-Con. Hope to see you there next year!

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