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2016 has faded into our rear view mirrors. It was a great one for GhostThunder, the beginning of our third year together. We did a bunch of cons (see previous posts), had a month long art gallery show, and generally kept grinding. Before I preview some stuff we have planned for 2017, I’d like to talk more about ‘grinding’.

The grind (aka the hustle, working it, churning) is how indie comics people ‘make it’. Now ‘making it’ can mean a lot of different things to different people. But the grind is the grind. Spoiler here: making art doesn’t always pay the bills. Especially when starting out. In fact, sometimes making art is like digging a giant hole, jumping in, then slowly carving steps to get back out. Then, hopefully, you can use those skills you’ve learned from your time in the hole to carve your way up a mountain! Now, if you didn’t get lost in my metaphor, you have an idea of the grind. It’s creating art no matter what. Even when you are tired from your full time job. Early mornings on Saturday when you’d rather be sleeping in. When you’ve just had a fight with your significant other or your friends are calling you to go out. You just keep grinding. It helps to have a support system of other grinders so you don’t get lonely in your hole. So at GhostThunder HQ we grind together. So, what are we going to be churning out next year? Here’s a sneak peek!

We’ll have the third chapter of David’s unfortunately named Last Supper (we’re working on renaming too!). It’s set five years from the events of Crown of Thorns, and Mark and Katie have a new challenge to face together. Here’s a very spoilery image:

We’re also hard at work on the first issue of what has been tentatively titled “GhostThunder Presents”. An anthology of several stories from GhostThunder and some of our close friends. It’s going to be super cool and we’re really excited to get it into your hands. We also have some top artists lined up for the cover and pin-ups but we’ll keep you in suspense for those. Here are some sneak peaks:

And of course, more cons! 2017…the grind continues!


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