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I know, I know, I know.  I don’t want to hear it! It’s been WAY too long since this blog has been updated.  But man, do we have some updates!!

First off, two of the GhostThunderers got hitched!  That’s right, Christopher and Hannah are collaborating on their biggest project to date:  a life together! Needless to say, this took a lot of our time and attention in the last year.  But still, we managed to hit a ton of cons and produce some new stuff.

We not only finished the first GhostThunder Presents (with an amazing cover from big shot Vertigo artist Ramon Villalobos) but we also kicked out a SECOND GhostThunder presents (this one with a stunning cover from Felicia Ann).  David wrote all the stories, Hannah and Christopher both illustrated one each, with other stories illustrated by Paul Schultz, Jon Williams, and John Cottrell. We’re already at work on the third issue, keep an eye out!  

David finished the third issue in his relationship drama and the fourth is being illustrated now. There will be a VERY limited single issue run of the fourth issue once finished and then the whole series will be collected in a trade paperback (maybe hardback?) titled “The Wild Uncertain”.  

On a professional front, Christopher had a pinup printed in an issue of the Rick Remender and Wes Craig comic “Deadly Class” (soon to be a TV show) so that was super cool. Find it and bring it to a con for Chris to sign and watch his head explode!

David has a short comic included in an Iron Circus anthology titled “FTL Y’all”.  It was an awesome honor to be included, there were over 400 entries!! The anthology is finishing a successful Kickstarter as I write this, so look for copies at the GhostThunder booth at cons.

David and Christopher are working hard on pitches for major comic companies and while there MAY be some exciting news shortly, there is nothing we can announce just yet, but follow us on Twitter and you’ll be among the first to know.  That’s it for now, keep on Thundering!!

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