Ghost Thunder @ San Francisco Comic Con!

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This upcoming Labor Day weekend we’ll be tabling at the inaugural San Francisco Comic Con.  I know what you’re thinking, big whoop GhostThunder, I’ve seen you guys at every freakin con in the last two years!  Well, hold the phone!  We have some very, very special booth mates.  The AMAZING Dave Baker and the TERRIFIC Nicole Goux!  They are both talented creators who have produced multiple comics together and separately. In addition to comics like Suicide Forest and Teenage Switchblade (which recently had a smashingly successful Kickstarter) they’ll have buttons, stickers and other goodies.  We’re honored and excited to be sharing our booth with such a great creative duo.  So now there is double to reason to come visit GhostThunder at San Francisco Comic Con.  See you there!


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